Turkey sees rise in registered vehicles

AA.com.tr – Close to 101,400 vehicles registered in December

The number of vehicles registered in Turkey was up 5.48 percent in 2016 compared to the previous year, reaching over 21 million, the country’s statistics authority Turkstat said on Thursday.

In December 2016, the number of vehicles registered in Turkey was up 0.5 percent year-on-year, to 101,375.

Motor vehicle registration in the country also decreased by 21.6 percent in December compared to the previous month.

In terms of distribution of model brands for new registered cars in December, 12.5 percent were Renault, 12.4 percent Volkswagen, 8.6 percent Toyota, 7.3 percent Opel, 6.8 percent Fiat, 6.6 percent Hyundai, 5.7 percent Dacia, 5.4 percent Ford, 5.2 percent Nissan, 4 percent Mercedes-Benz.

Other brands accounted for 25.4 percent.

In December, out of the total vehicles in Turkey, automobiles enjoyed the lion’s share with 53.7 percent of new registrations, while small trucks accounted for 16.3 percent. Motorcycles came in third at 14.2 percent.



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