Turkey’s automotive production rises 31% in first month of 2017

AA.com.tr – Turkish automotive exports reach $913 million (+143%) in the first month of 2017

Automotive production in Turkey surged 31% year-on-year in the first month of 2017, according to an Automotive Manufacturers’ Association (OSD) report released Friday.

The OSD said automakers manufactured 128,000 vehicles — including automobiles, light commercial vehicles, and tractors — in January 2017, while automobile production advanced 61% to stand at 94,000 in the same period.

The overall auto sales market (including light trucks and other vehicles) increased 7% to 36,000 units compared to the same month of 2016.

Friday’s OSD report also revealed automotive industry exports rose 35% on a USD basis to $2.08 billion in January compared to the same period in 2016.

The export value of the automobile sector increased excessively by 143% year-on-year to $913 million, the report added.


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